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October 2009

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Life on Mars, John Simm

nephron in brewju_stewju

Being slack with meals.

Today I cooked a lamb cutlet pre-marinated (in the shop) with frozen beans and some raw carrot. I see people cooking lavish dinners but honestly I can't be stuffed.

What am I missing out on?


I'm not sure whether you're trying to criticise me for having a lavish dinner (which I'm not) or criticise me for eating meat (which our bodies are designed to).
Yeah, but it's not like we do (or have to do) all the things we evolved to do. I don't spend very much time chasing large animals to try to hunt them down and kill them for food.
Where do you 'see' people cooking lavish dinners? Are your friends cooking them for you? Maybe you're missing out on being part of society.

Or maybe you're just looking through the windows of people wealthier and happier than you, in which case, my comment stands and also stay away from me.
Well, I only have time to cook lavish dinners on weekends.... and I do ;) Mmmm... pork belly.

That said, my standard of 'general weekday' dinner has gotten better over the years, probably because I've become more adept at having appropriate ingredients around and cooking with minimal effort.

Tonight I actually cooked rice, with the intention of using it tomorrow for a nasi goreng. That's pretty organised by my standards though.

Lamb isn't that expensive here, it's the same price as beef/chicken etc... and the marinated lamb was the same price as the non-marinated lamb.